Additional Orion Look-Alikes From Auger Program

Dreadnought Resources is pleased to announce that results for all 2,090 samples have been received from extensive auger programs at Tarraji-Yampi, in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. There were two programs in 2022 with all samples assayed for the full suite geochemical analysis by low detection aqua regia techniques.

The auger programs have identified thirteen high-quality targets with similar geochemical signatures to Orion. Significantly, the programs also resulted in an improved understanding of the lithostructural controls on mineralisation and led to the identification of mineralised outcrops at six of the thirteen targets.

Dreadnought’s Managing Director, Dean Tuck, commented:

“Our low impact auger program at Tarraji-Yampi has been a resounding success and resulted not only in identifying additional Orion and Grant’s look-alike targets, but a better understanding of the lithostructural controls for mineralisation. This improved understanding has resulted in the definition of thirteen geochemical anomalies with similar trace element signatures to Orion and Grant’s. We are excited about making additional discoveries at Tarraji-Yampi and also looking forward to the drill targets from the current FLEM survey.”

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