Central Yilgarn Project

The Central Yilgarn Project is located ~190 kms from Kalgoorlie and upon Completion will comprise fourteen tenements (~1,600 sq kms) covering ~150km of strike along the majority of the Illaara, Yerilgee and Evanston greenstone belts. The Central Yilgarn Project has now been consolidated through an acquisition from Newmont, Arrow Minerals and further deals with local prospectors over Metzke’s Find, Kings iron ore and others.

Prior to Newmont and Arrow, the Central Yilgarn was held by parties looking to develop iron ore mines north of the Koolyanobbing Iron Ore Operation. Given the long history of iron ore mining in the region, the Central Yilgarn is well situated in relation to existing road and rail infrastructure connecting it to a number of export ports.

Historically, gold was discovered and worked at Rainy Rocks, Metzke’s Find and Lawrence’s Find in the early to mid 1900s. In addition to gold, outcropping VMS base metals mineralisation was identified and briefly tested in the 1970s and 1980s with no subsequent exploration utilising modern techniques.

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