Dreadnought: #EmbraceEquity

Dreadnought Resources is fortunate to have amazing team members across the board. This International Women’s Day (IWD), Dreadnought celebrates the incredible women who drive the company and industry forward.

As a business, Dreadnought is committed to being at the forefront of conversations and initiatives which drive gender equality in our industry.

Female geologists account for only 25 per cent of Australia’s geologists – highlighting the work needed to create a more inclusive industry. And while Dreadnought is actively working to be a more diverse business – without highlighting these gaps, the industry risks falling further behind.

To celebrate #EmbraceEquity, we spoke with our talented geologists about their careers – Leah Dawson and Claudia Tomkins.

For Leah, the appeal of hands-on field work was too good to turn down.

“The idea of working outside and travelling to different parts of Western Australia was a real driver,” Leah said.

“Greenfields geology is exciting, early-stage exploration is exciting and exploring the unexplored is exciting.

Claudia hasn’t looked back since joining Dreadnought in August 2022, playing a part in Dreadnought’s Sabre discovery.

“It was my second swing, and my last day before heading home. We’d been drilling in the area for a little while and had been getting sniffs and then all of a sudden, we hit the main load,” Claudia said.

“This is my first job out of university and first exposure to mining, so it was incredible to be a part of that so early on.”

The opportunity to work with a small, tight-knit team was part of the attraction for Claudia, who joined Dreadnought as an Exploration Geologist as she concluded her Honours in Rare Earths.

“I felt like there would be more opportunities to learn at Dreadnought and had heard really good things about the culture,” Claudia said.

“Rare earths were a big factor too, with more opportunity in a smaller team for faster learning through exposure to different commodities, working on different things all the time.”

While Leah returned to Dreadnought with a wealth of experience, she too recognised the opportunities for learning and growth.

“I started as an intern, working hand-in-hand with Dean and getting a fantastic introduction to the world of rare earths. It was an easy decision to join Dreadnought later in my career when the opportunity arose,” Leah said.

“Dreadnought has people all over the place willing to listen and help you.

“I learn every day, and the culture means there is always someone willing to teach you.”

IWD provides an opportunity to reflect on the steps the industry has taken to become more inclusive – while acknowledging the work to be done.

Dreadnought is committed to becoming a more rounded and inclusive business, ensuring the future of the company, and industry, is a place for all.