Metallurgical Test Work Supports High-Value Concentrate

Dreadnought Resources Limited (“Dreadnought”) is pleased to provide an update on metallurgical test work from Yin, part of the 100% owned Mangaroon project, located in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia.

Metallurgical test work was undertaken independently under Dreadnought supervision. The test work successfully tested the performance of the Yin ironstones using the flowsheet proposed for use at the advanced Yangibana Ironstones Project owned by Hastings Technology Metals Ltd. (ASX:HAS, “Hastings”). This flowsheet has seen extensive testing and development across similar ironstones by Hastings and provides a likely short-cut to Dreadnought’s own flowsheet.

Dreadnought’s Managing Director, Dean Tuck, commented:

“As the level of metallurgical work becomes more detailed, the ability to produce a high-value concentrate is maintained. Our metallurgical studies will continue, as too will the level of engagement with parties interested in potential concentrates.”

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