Carbonatite Discovery Shaping as Regional Rare Earth Source

Dreadnought Resources is pleased to announce the discovery of large-scale REE-P2O5-Nb2O5- TiO2-Sc mineralisation at C3.

Mineralisation has been identified at C4 and C5 and requires follow up.

Dreadnought’s Managing Director, Dean Tuck, commented:

“Our first pass C1-C5 drilling is like throwing darts at a dartboard while blindfolded. So, the discovery of a large-scale zone of rare earths at C3 is remarkable. C3 is already shaping up as a source of the regional rare earths and maybe C4 and C5 too. C6 and C7 have not even been touched yet. A Resource drill out at C3 will commence in the March 2023 quarter as we actively pursue a Mt Weld/Mountain Pass like high grade core. With the range and scale of minerals we have already seen, this region is emerging as a world class critical metals province. All of this achieved in just six months, is a tremendous effort by our team.”

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